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"When you Smoke Herb it reveals you to yourself"

Name: Ellen
Gender: Female
Location: FL, USA
Sexual Preference: Straight/ guys

How long have you been smoking: A year? i guess
What do you smoke out of: A rainbow spoon or my bubler
Do you have any rituals: not really i just mellow out wheni feel like it or when im stressed
What kind of music do i listen to: I listen to reggea, ska, like gratful dead, galactic, bob marley, phish,but i like weezer, twothirtyeight, against me, pavment, silver jews, primus, and some really old modest mouse.

Do you think you should be accepted: Yeah for the most part im hoping youll be really rad and let me in.
Make you laugh?: uhhh, two of my toes are stuck together on my right foot, if you find defects funny, i do and i have an odd obsession with jones soda bottles.
A stupid story: Umm... Once me and my sisters boyfriend were in the car and after we finished smocking we decided to go to blockbuster, i dont know why but anyway on the way back we ended up on the I-10 going to New Orleans instead of back home
Getting Caught: umm i have never gotten caught but i almost did, i was about to go to basketball, but i decided to smoke a bowl and then my dad came to basketball and could tell i was trippin, but didnt say anything to me.
Wll i vote and promote: Of course.
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